Recommended Reading

The book and periodical listings on this page include the following abbreviations to indicate the associated programs: Kellogg House (KH), Great Great Grandpa’s House (GG), Journey in Time (JIT), Gold Rush (GR), First Californians (FC), Our Heritage (OH), Mind Your Manners (MYM)


  • The Victorian Home, Bobbie Kalman.
    An excellent introduction to 19th century homes and family life. Part of the “Historic Communities” series, which includes several other useful titles.
    For: Students. KH, JIT.
  • The California Trail: An Epic with Many Heroes, George R. Stewart.
    Excellent background detail on the geography and history of the trail to California.
    For Teachers. GR.


  • California Territorial Quarterly (formerly Dogtown Territorial Quarterly).
    Stories of adventure in early California. Especially useful for Gold Rush. Subscriptions and back issues can be purchased from
    For: Teachers / Students. GR, FC.