HMOC offers hands-on, minds-on educational programs for all ages. Elements of both the Common Core and California Content Standards are utilized. For more information or to reserve your tour, please call our Tour Reservations Department at (714) 540-0404, x-222 or contact us via email at

Kellogg House

A tour of the historic 1898 Kellogg house. Students learn what life was like in the 1890s by playing with vintage toys, doing laundry, making butter, dressing up in Victorian costumes, and participating in other activities. Recommended for grades K-3.

2 hrs. $10/person & 10 person minimum to 101 maximum.
2 hrs. 20 minutes $10/person & 102 person minimum to 119 maximum.
3 hrs. 15 minutes (with a lunch break) $11/person & 120 person minimum to 136 maximum.

Journey in Time

Students journey back in time by building on our Kellogg House program with a visit to our working blacksmtih shop, featuring members of the Orange County Blacksmith Guild, as well as a craft “quilt” project.

4 hrs. including a 30 minute lunch break.
Recommended for grades 2-3. $15/person & 20 person minimum.

Great, Great Grandpa’s House

Designed exclusively for our youngest guests, this program encourages exploration and imaginative learning through memorable activities within the Kellogg House.

1 hr. Recommended for Preschool through Kindergarten.
$8/person & 10 person minimum (add clothes washing activity for $1).

Gold Rush

Students can experience the journey to “The Golden State” by participating in interactive workshops and activities including panning for our “souvenir gold.’

2 hrs. Recommended for grades 3-5. $13/person & 20 person minimum.
(Extended Gold Rush options:
2.5 hrs. $15/person
3.5 hrs. (with a lunch break) $17/person

1st Californians and Rancho Life

Students can explore the lifestyle of native Californians and Rancho settlers through artifacts and activities that focus on foods, homes, tools, and social customs.

2 hrs. Recommended for grades 3-5.
$15 per person & 20 person minimum.

Mind Your Manners

A fun way to learn manners in an old-fashioned setting. This program features a Victorian “tea” party as well as table setting, making introductions, and dressing in Victorian costumes. It is designed to correlate with the Junior Girl Scout “Social Butterfly” badge.

2 hrs. Recommended for “Junior” level Girl Scouts, $12/person & 10 person minimum.

Change of Seasons

Through a comparison of Seasons, students develop skills in observation, language, critical thinking, and fine & gross motor while enjoying our outdoor nature area. Activities may include seed planting, record keeping, storytelling, & a nature walk.

1 hr. Recommended for Preschool through 1st grade.
$8 per student & 10 person minimum.

Remember When…

Designed for Adult visitors, take a walk down memory lane as a docent guides you through our historic home.

1 hr. 15 min. tour w/o lunch, $8/person & 10 person minimum;  2 hr. 15 min. tour w/lunch, $25/person & 15 person minimum

A Blacksmith Option can be added to the following tours for an additional $3/person:  Kellogg House, Gold Rush, and
1st Californians & Rancho Life.

For an overview of where our programs correlate to the Common Core and Content Standards, click here.