Kellogg House / Journey in Time / Great Great Grandpa’s House

  • The Kelloggs Out West –
    A family history site produced by members of the Kellogg family from the Napa area. It is based on original family documents and tells various stories of Kellogg ancestors as they made their way across the United States to settle in California.
    For: Teachers / Students
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  • Join America at Play: Stitch a Quilt –
    A kid’s-eye view of quilting by the Library of Congress
    For: Students

Gold Rush

  • All About the Gold Rush –
    An extensive site covering many aspects of the Gold Rush. Kids should particularly enjoy the “Fun Facts” section. Includes teachers resources.
    For: Teachers / Students
  • They Saw the Elephant –
    A short informative article about the origin and implications of the expression “Seeing the Elephant.” Includes links to a few related pages.
    For: Teachers / Students

First Californians

  • Chumash Indian Fact Sheet for Kids –
    A children’s Q&A about Chumash tribe. Much of the info can also be applied to other Southern California tribes.
    For: Students / Teachers
  • Mojave Indian Fact Sheet for Kids –
    As above, but for the Mojave tribe.For: Students / Teachers

Rancho Days – Alive!

  • The Instant Adobe Brick –
    Brick-making kits, book, and other information by Klaus Duebbert, one of the instructors for the Rancho Days program.
    For: Teachers