The historic buildings at Heritage Museum are set among a variety of lovely garden and lawn areas.

Prominently set in front of the Kellogg House is a stately oak tree planted for the museum by the Fluor family. The house is set among tree-shaded lawns and seasonal flower beds and a 3-tiered fountain sparkles in front while additional flower beds and trees grace the surrounding brick plaza.

Alongside the house, a lattice-covered pathway adorned with pink jasmine and surrounded by citrus trees leads you to a large covered pavilion set with a small stage and dance area that is available for private and corporate events along with a beautiful view of our formal rose garden.

The rose garden is a haven of color and paved paths provide close-up views. White pergolas covered with climbing roses and old-fashioned lamp-posts accent the area. Newly renovated as a gift from the Kellogg family it now includes a fountain to serenade strolling visitors.



Anttila_Wedding 0230Citrus groves cover several areas of the grounds, producing fragrant blossoms followed by oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and tangerines. The fruit from these trees is served to visiting school children as part of several of the museum’s educational programs.

A stately “wedding lawn” lined with magnolia and jacaranda trees lies beside the main citrus orchard. An old fashioned gazebo stands at its head while two dramatic ficus trees provide a spectacular backdrop along with a view of the formal rose garden and large lawn. A perfect setting for countless garden weddings.