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He has a natural affinity for History and studying about Culture & Events that have historical importance. He is HMOC’s resident artist.
Fun fact:  He claims he is not really a “people” person, but he loves observing and drawing people.


The sound of young voices laughing outside our windows is an amazing way to start each day.
Fun fact:  The National Enquirer once wrote an article about her!


With three children at home, why not add twenty more to my day? They’re fun!
Fun fact:  She loves to crochet stuffed animals and beanies!


He enjoys his work because he enjoys working with children.
Fun fact:  In his book, “weird” is a compliment!


Jose enjoys working at HMOC because the staff is wonderful, the students are fun and he claims the staff parties, “…are the best!”
Fun fact:  He has enough fun facts to write an entire book.


She enjoys working with the wonderful students who visit, the HMOC staff, and she enjoys learning about the history of her hometown, Santa Ana.
Fun fact:  She is half way through writing her first book.


Driving on to the beautiful museum grounds each day is a joy and teaching the students what their lives would have been like in 1898 always brings a laugh, especially when I talk about the food!
Fun fact: Her first language was Japanese.


He enjoys teaching students about the history of the Kellogg family and life at the turn of the 20th century. He also enjoys caring for and preserving the museum’s historical artifacts and looks forward to developing and producing new exhibitions for HMOC.
Fun fact:  He enjoys running and reading.


Working at HMOC, she especially loves to be witness to the astonishment the children experience when they participate on a tour here at the museum.
Fun fact:  She considered herself a cat person until she met her two dogs.


He enjoys the variety of duties he has here at HMOC, from teaching the children, to working with the public, to the many events we have at HMOC.
Fun fact:  He is a fifth degree Black Belt.


She has a background in Early Childhood Education and enjoys donning period costumes and teaching our young visitors.
Fun fact:  She loves to travel.


He especially loves bringing History to life.
Fun fact:  His last name, Klubniken, is the Russian word for “strawberry”.



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