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School field trips

Kellogg House school field trip

Kellogg House

A hands-on tour of the historic 1898 Kellogg house. Students learn what life was like in the 1890s by playing with vintage toys, doing laundry, making butter, dressing up in Victorian costumes, and participating in other activities. The Kellogg House was designed by Hiram Clay Kellogg and was built in 1898 and was moved to the Museum grounds in 1981. It is now used for hands-on educational programs that serve nearly 20,000 school children each year.

Two hours. Recommended for grades 1-5. $9 per student. 

Heritage Museum Journey in time school field trip

Journey in Time

An extended version of the Kellogg House tour with an additional crafting session and a visit to our blacksmith shop.

Four hours, including a half-hour lunch break.
Recommended for grades 2-5. $13 per student.


Heritage Museum great grandpa's house school field trip

Great Great Grandpa’s House

A hands-on visit to the Kellogg house for our youngest guests.

One hour. Recommended for preschool through kindergarten.
$7 per student (add clothes washing activity for $1).



Heritage Museum gold rush school field trip

Gold Rush

An interactive adventure in the days of the ’49ers. Hands-on activities guide students through the trip to California, life in the gold camps, and the cultural and environmental impact of the gold seekers.

Two hours. Recommended for grades 3-5. $13 per student.


First Californians

Journey back hundreds of years and experience what life was like for the native peoples of California. Discover the food they ate, the houses they lived in, the tools they used, and the crafts they produced. Touch native “artifacts,” participate in a traditional round dance, and make a ceremonial rattle to take home. Then learn about their modern descendents who still live in California.
Two hours. Recommended for grades 2-4. $12 per student.


Prices effective August 1, 2012

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