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Heritage Museum Kellogg house school field trip

Kellogg House

A hands-on tour of the historic 1898 Kellogg house. Students learn about the Kellogg family, their home, and their community. Children get a feel for what life was like in the 1890s by playing with vintage toys, doing laundry, making butter, trying on Victorian costumes, making music on a parlor pump organ, and other activities.

Two hours. Recommended for grades 1-5. $10 per student.


Mind Your Manners

A fun way to learn manners in an old-fashioned setting. The program is highlighted by a Victorian lemonade “tea” party in the Kellogg house’s oval dining room. Activities include setting a formal table, making introductions, and using proper telephone etiquette.

Two hours. Recommended for grades 2-4. $12 per student.

Prices effective August 1, 2012

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