When the first blacksmith began hammering on a hot piece of iron, little did he know how he was shaping the future

He forged the tools that made the machines that produce everything mankind has today.

The Blacksmith was the pioneer of the technology that carried mankind from the iron age to the space age. It can truly be said that the first rocket to the moon was virtually launched from the face of an anvil.

The HMOC Blacksmith Shop exists to pass along the craft of blacksmithing and the OC Blacksmith Guild is here to teach you an over 4,000 year old process that up until 40 years ago was a dying craft. 

On Feb 16, 1994, sixty five blacksmiths gathered for a barn raising at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, and that evening The Orange County Blacksmith Guild had it’s first meeting and dinner in it’s own facility. Bill Miller provided the money, the museum provided the land and utilities and a small group of volunteers pre-fabbed the parts for the smithy.

The shop enjoyed decades of productive use until July 4th, 2019, after a day celebrating the birth of our nation, when we shockingly suffered the loss of our beloved shop as it tragically burned to the ground at 2am from suspected neighborhood fireworks use.  Luckily the surrounding HMOC historic buildings on our property were all able to be saved thanks to the quick response of the Santa Ana Fire Department.  With the full support of the community and your generous donations and sponsorships we were able to rebuild after the pandemic, opening the doors to the brand new HMOC Blacksmith Shop on April 4, 2022 and welcoming back the OC Blacksmith Guild and their students.

Students begin with a mandatory pre-scheduled Introduction class before moving on to Basics 1 and 2 classes. The objective with this class and everything else the Guild does, is to be sure that you understand the basics of the craft and then, through your learning process, gain as much knowledge as you can. Once you have learned blacksmithing basics, the OC Blacksmith Guild welcome the opportunity to see your ability in tool, weapons and artistic production.

You can view the Orange County Blacksmith guild hard at work in the HMOC Blacksmith Shop on Saturdays during HMOC Public Hours and select HMOC special events!

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Education and Introduction to Blacksmithing Classes: Caroline Smith

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