Gospel Swamp Farm & Natural Area

HMOC's Gospel Swamp Farm

As part of our 12 acre property Gospel Swamp Farm, Heritage Museum’s 3 acre urban micro-farm and living seed library, provides opportunities for HMOC visitors to learn about horticulture and sustainable farming to grow and harvest fresh produce in nature and in our fully functioning greenhouse; immerse themselves in the Children’s Sensory Garden; and for volunteer community members to contribute by assisting in the Educational Farm Development and the restoration of the natural flora and plant species of the region by removing any non-native species.

HMOC's Gospel Swamp Natural Area

As a primarily outdoor space Heritage Museum of Orange County is uniquely privileged to oversee 4.5 acres of land known as Gospel Swamp including: the last 2 remaining acres of federally designated and protected natural wetlands in the Santa Ana region; a rare grove of the native CA Englemann Oak trees; and the highest point in Santa Ana. The area is utilized as an outdoor classroom to teach the community about natural habitat restoration, urban farming and the importance of keeping open, green spaces. In such a densely populated city, access to land suitable for cultivation is extremely limited and important to keep protected and maintained.

Heritage Museum of Orange County sits on Tongva land once known as the Pasbenga Village and later settled by southerners and Evangelicals who moved into the area as early as the 1870s. With respect for and responsibility to those who came before, Heritage Museum encourages environmental stewardship by teaching about Orange County watershed ecology, diversity of plant communities, wildlife, habitat restoration, early cultural history, and interpretation. We have several habitats in this space–not just swampland–including riparian, chaparral, California woodland, grassland, and desert. The ecosystem is very fragile, as it’s one of the few natural areas remaining in central Orange County. The Gospel Swamp natural area and urban farm serve as valuable resources for people of all ages.

Please respect all animals and plants you may encounter as you explore. Do not touch, eat, or otherwise interact with the nature around the grounds. Stay on the clearly marked trails and do not take anything with you, or leave anything behind. Abide by signage and stay out of restricted areas to make sure your visit and the environment remain safe.  We look forward to welcoming you to our grounds during our open Public Hours or one of our many HMOC events!

Contact our HMOC Farm Manager to find out how you can get involved in the Gospel Swamp Farm fun!

or on Instagram at @GospelSwampFarm