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HMOC offers a wide range of daytime public events, but for those looking to explore the darker side of history with us, we also offer nighttime guided historical ghost tours and exclusive private paranormal team investigations inside our beautiful Orange County Victorian Kellogg House

The Kellogg House was built in 1898 as a wedding present from Hiram Clay Kellogg to his second wife Helen, who was said to be rather possessive of her home, refusing to leave right up until she died in the downstairs office…and perhaps even staying afterwards. 

While it has been decades since any humans have lived in “Helen’s house,” numerous spirits including Helen herself seem to have taken up permanent residence in the rooms, frequently making themselves known to those willing to listen and search with an open mind; whether you’re a true believer, or a skeptic seeking proof.

Contact our Paranormal Coordinator to begin your guided paranormal journey with HMOC tonight. 

HMOC Paranormal Investigation Videos and Photographs

HMOC is proud to have hosted paranormal investigations in our Kellogg House of such notable teams including: The Bigfoot Collector’s Club (Actors Michael McMillian from True Blood, Bryce Johnson with Expedition Bigfoot, and rockstar Riley Bray from TOMI); TAPS West Coast (seasoned investigators featured on TV Shows such as “Ghost Hunters”); Kelsi Davies (YouTube and TikTok phenomenon); Creepy AF Show (Amazon Prime); Jordan DiSorbo (Detune); and Golden State Paranormal to name a few. 

Take a look below at a collection of their real life ghostly experiences with us right here at HMOC and then book your own investigation!

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Happy hauntings!