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Heritage Museum of Orange County is a cultural and natural history center dedicated to preserving, promoting, and restoring the heritage of Orange County and the surrounding region through quality hands-on educational programs, “living history” exhibits and environmental stewardship opportunities for students and visitors of all ages. Developed to provide a host of exploratory educational experiences, HMOC attracts more than 40,000 guests a year to our property with our range of tours, exhibits and public events. The beautiful diversity that exists within Orange County provides the opportunity to engage with individuals from all walks of life. Our programs are created to highlight the contributions of various cultures and communities, providing a platform for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue.

For almost 40 years, Heritage Museum of Orange County has provided “hands-on, minds-on” educational field trips, programs and experiences for students of all ages. Ranging from Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties our guests include educators from public schools; private, charter and home school groups; scouting organizations; summer camp attendees; adult and senior clubs, and more.  Our visitors return year after year for our immersive, engaging and fun field trip programming that brings history, heritage and culture alive in the heart of central Orange County and we want you to be a part of it!

Additional program information and pricing, frequently asked questions, and reservation request forms can be found below, and the Programs Reservation department is always happy to answer any questions you have about HMOC tours or our educational offerings. You can contact a member of our Programs team for more information about booking an HMOC Program by filling out our inquiry form, contacting us direct at 714 540-0274 or  


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For information on our various educational offerings including pricing, please open the specific tabs below.

Kellogg House In-Person Field Trip:

For almost 40 years, HMOC’s educational programs, created to compliment and enhance classroom lessons, have brought history, heritage and culture alive for students of all ages.

HMOC’s interactive and engaging tour of the historic Kellogg House built in 1898 provides a glimpse into life over 125 years ago and introduces school children to what life was like in Orange County in the 1890s. Students will experience the world of Hiram Clay Kellogg, who laid out many of Orange County’s towns, railroads, and citrus groves. Making butter, using a stereoscopic viewer, trying out a pump organ, playing with vintage toys and dressing up in Victorian period costumes are only a few of the hands-on program activities offered to immerse students in the customs, pastimes and domestic lives of the leisure class in Orange County’s Victorian era.

Careful consideration is given to both Common Core and California Content Standards as programs are created and revised. Each HMOC educational program uniquely correlates to standards across multiple grade levels.

Recommended for 1st-3rd grade

Kellogg House ($17/student)
Kellogg House + Blacksmith ($20/student)
Kellogg House + Quilt Square-making ($20/student)
Kellogg House + Blacksmith AND Quilt Square-making ($22/student)
Minimum 20 Students per HMOC’s Kellogg House in-person Field Trip

Available Add-ons:
Quilt square-making activity

Blacksmith demonstration: Students will visit the HMOC Blacksmith Shop to learn about their role in local history. Demonstrations are provided by members of the Orange County Blacksmith Guild.

HMOC school group Kellogg House

Gold Rush In-Person Field Trip:

“Eureka!” Students experience the journey to “The Golden State” with hands-on activities that include purchasing supplies, panning for “souvenir gold’ and “traveling on the Oregon Trail.” Wear sturdy walking shoes for this one!

School children visit HMOC to learn and discover what life was like at the turn of the century. Through the California Gold Rush program children discover the pioneers of California history who shaped our state into what it is today. They will become a frontiersman and experience the hardships of westward migration and the struggle for prosperity in a new land. While panning for gold and exploring multiple travel options, students will tackle the unique challenges faced traversing the Oregon Trail and seeking fortune in mining camps, and be introduced to the cross-cultural communities formed by settlers of diverse backgrounds.

All Heritage Museum programs are created to compliment and enhance classroom lessons. This means careful consideration is given to both Common Core and California Content Standards as programs are created and revised. Each educational program uniquely correlates to standards across multiple grade levels.

Recommended for 4th-6th grade
FULFILLS CA STANDARDS: 4.3 #2, #3, #5; 4.4 #2, #3

Gold Rush ($19/student)
Gold Rush + Blacksmith ($22/student)
Minimum 25 Students per HMOC’s Gold Rush in-person Field Trip

Available Add-ons:
Blacksmith demonstration: Students will visit the HMOC Blacksmith Shop to learn about their role in local history. Demonstrations are provided by members of the Orange County Blacksmith Guild.

Kellogg House Virtual Tour:

FREE with in-person Field Trip Booking -or-
$400 - Valid for 3 weeks of access for your whole school

We’ve poured our 40+ years of expertise providing hands-on immersive, engaging and fun educational experiences and programming into the development of our Kellogg House Virtual Tour! Our program was created entirely in-house to align with the CA State Content Standards and ensure we provide the high level of quality you expect from us.  This interactive tour provides an in depth exploration of each room in the historic 1898 Orange County Kellogg House through the use of videos, 360 degree imagery, text, and activities to facilitate engagement.

Whether as a stand alone classroom or group virtual tour, or as a complimentary add-on when you book one of our eligible in-person field trip programs, our expansive Virtual Kellogg House program includes everything you need for an engaging and FUN learning experience.

Watch a short guided "How To Use" video about HMOC's Virtual Tour Program

Booking an In-Person HMOC Field Trip:

All reservations start online with our Reservation Request form below, or open the form full size.  A representative from our office will contact you directly to finalize the reservation details. Reservations will be processed in the order received. Contact our Programs Department with any questions. We look forward to having you join us!

Information to have available that we request for booking:
School Information: Name of School; School Address; School District; Grade Level
Contact Information: Your Name; Email Address; Phone Number
Tour Information: Program Selection; Number of Students; Number of Teachers; Number of Other Adults; Dates of Interest
Logistics: Will you eat lunch here? Will you arrive by bus or car?
Special Needs: Do any students require aides or special accommodations? If yes, how many aides; and what type of accommodations?

Kellogg House Field Trip and Virtual Tour Content Standards Alignment:

All HMOC programs are created to compliment and enhance classroom lessons. This means careful consideration is given to both Common Core and California Content Standards as programs are created and revised. Each educational program uniquely correlates to standards across multiple grade levels.

HMOC tours are always designed to support the incredible work you do with your students in the classroom. For this reason, we work hard to align our program material with CA State Content Standards. Although this list focuses on History-Social Science Standards, you may also find connections to other content areas such as Art, English Language Arts, and Computer Science.

HMOC Field Trip FAQ's

Yes. You can bring lunch to eat at the museum’s picnic area and may do so after the tour concludes. Lunches must be stored on the bus, held in backpacks, or in covered boxes. There is no lunch storage on the grounds. You must be finished with lunch and offsite by 1:00PM. Food and drink are not permitted inside the Kellogg House. For the Gold Rush tour, food is not permitted on the trails however, bringing a bottled water is encouraged.

Yes, parking is free and HMOC offers a few options for your parking convenience:

(1) Parking for cars is free in the main lot (between HMOC and Mitchell Fundamental). Spaces are extremely limited, so we highly encourage carpooling.

(2) There is limited parking (10-12 cars maximum) in the HMOC employee/bus lot, we encourage carpooling. Spaces are taken on a first come basis.

(3) Street parking is available in select zones; please check all parking signs carefully, HMOC is not liable for parking tickets or towed vehicles.

Buses will unload students in the designated zone, located behind the museum complex through the bus/employee entrance. Buses may remain parked in our employee lot for the duration of the program.

To reach the parking lot, all bus drivers should enter through the “Bus & Employee” gate just behind the Kellogg House and follow the driveway past the rose garden to the parking plaza near the pioneer wagon and 2-story Carriage Barn/office building. School buses will fit through the gate. Buses should pull up in front of the brick walkway area to unload students, and then they will be directed by museum staff as to where they can park. The front museum gate and parking is not open for weekday reserved tours.  

No bus or car parking will be allowed for any amount of time in the driveway, this is a fire and emergency vehicle access lane; violators will be towed if they cannot be found to move their car immediately.

Absolutely! Feel free to take as many photos as you’d like. We DO NOT allow flash photography inside the Kellogg House or video recording at the Blacksmith Shop.

We love seeing your photos and reading your feedback about your visit on your favorite review sites, or when you tag us in posts on Instagram or Facebook at @HeritageMusOC!

The gift shop may be open depending on the day; please consult with the Program Coordinator to confirm if it will be available during your field trip visit.

At HMOC we strive to provide a safe environment for visitors and staff alike. Our policies are put in place to ensure the best experience for all. HMOC will not tolerate inappropriate behavior on our property or on our online platforms, including, but not limited to: yelling, violence, intimidation, threats, harassment, aggression, swearing, damage, abuse, or sexual harassment. HMOC is a space for safe, constructive, and respectful dialogue and actions. Comments and interactions deemed by Museum representatives to be offensive, racist, derogatory, demeaning, or otherwise hurtful in nature will not be tolerated. No weapons of any kind or drug use will be allowed on the Museum property at any time.  Smoking and vaping is an extreme fire hazard to our historic buildings and is strictly limited to certain areas and times only; some events may be completely off limits to smoking of any kind, please check individual event policies.  Be courteous and aware of your surroundings and actions at all times to protect our property and for the safety of yourself and others.

Individuals who are out of compliance with museum policies and/or are aggressive toward staff or other visitors will be expelled from HMOC and escorted off the property with a possible permanent ban. No refunds will be issued. Please help us maintain the respectful and safe environment we’ve worked to establish for the community.

As a private organization, Heritage Museum of Orange County and its staff members reserves the right to refuse service or entry and/or revoke admission with no refund to individuals and/or groups whose presence and/or participation interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons and the organization itself, or who is not compliant with health and safety procedures.

To speak with an HMOC Programs and Tour representative directly please contact us at:

Or, fill out this brief inquiry form to be contacted by our team.

We look forward to assisting you!