HMOC Sponsorships

As a local small non-profit with a big community impact, Heritage Museum of Orange County relies heavily on our community for support. Opportunities are always available to contribute to our efforts in sharing cultural and natural history with the residents of Orange County and surrounding areas by sponsoring our school field trips, public events, exhibitions, natural habitat restoration work, and capital improvement projects and we are grateful for your tax deductible donations in the form of financial contributions, or in-kind goods or services. 

To discuss how you can contribute to HMOC’s mission please contact our Executive Director Candace Chromy at or fill out our brief Sponsorship Inquiry Form below.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are accepting any donation amount that you may be able to provide. No matter how large or small a contribution may seem, it goes a long way in the hearts of HMOC staff and the community that is supported by your generosity.

HMOC has worked diligently to partner with organizations and individuals to help subsidize the costs associated with providing programs, events and services to the community. In supporting these offerings, generous community members, businesses and corporations help provide invaluable opportunities for visitors of all ages from all over Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties to participate in the hands-on programs, school field trips, community and private events, exhibitions, lectures, and public hours that encourage life-long learning and love for history and culture.

Heritage Museum of Orange County is proud to thank its major partners, whose generosity and dedication to our mission make possible so many important programs:

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Heritage Museum of Orange County is fortunate to have generous supporters who believe in the importance of our mission. Sponsors help to support educational programs that enrich the cultural, social, and historical experiences of thousands of visitors from Orange County and the surrounding areas. Our sponsors drive us forward and encourage us to develop new and exciting opportunities for the community.

At HMOC our mission remains at the core of everything we do. By providing free community events that focus on history, heritage and culture, we help connect both past and present realities to the lived experiences of our community members. We celebrate the diversity that exists within Orange County, and provide an inclusive platform for intercultural dialogue. Through the implementation of the programs offered at HMOC, we seek to make an impact on our community members by helping them to engage with their own history and culture.

Our sponsors and donors are integral to our mission and we look forward to speaking to you about it!

For sponsorship inquiries and opportunities please contact our Executive Director Candace Chromy at:

Or, fill out this brief inquiry form to have your message sent directly to her.

To reach a specific department, please visit our up to date Staff contact information page.